Got Buns


Concept design, brand development and delivery.


Define / Brief

Black and  White – Visual impact and Brand Presence. This is the fun part. Being engaged to conceptualize ideas is what we are all about. Helping bring a brand to life be it through shape, colours and imagery is the driver for any creative agency and we were lucky enough with this client to get that opportunity. Once a scope is defined, a market research phase is implemented. A review of “what works” and “what doesn’t” in the marketplace is a critical task to ensure that the illustrations are original but also have a strong presence, one that the consumer can identify with. For Got Buns, we designed simplistic illustrations in black and white.

Concept Design, Brand Development, Design Management, Manufacture and Installation

Sketching & Illustration

Got Buns

Creative Strategy

A design concept is the mechanism through which an audience understands a communication.