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Define / Brief

Inner city = city lights and city lights = neon. Whilst being briefed at this hidden gem in Melbourne CBD our eyes lit up. We were given the opportunity to deliver what we know intimately and understand from a build perspective, and the focus for a neon solution drove the design development stage of this small but exciting project.

Design Development, Project Management, Manufacture, Electrical and Installation


Neon signage and artwork has seen a massive resurgence with architects, branding agencies, restaurants and bars specifying this master craft solution, opting out of LED solutions for the pure dynamics of this iconic technique. Image d' art have had the privilege to have worked closely with Bruno for close to a decade. Bruno is regarded as one the premier glass blowers and neon artists in Australia. After learning his trade as a young man in Italy, then moving to Melbourne in the 70s, he has delivered 100s of beautiful pieces of art. We will continue this close working relationship as you can’t get better than the best.

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